I Know You Know

Afifa Zaheer
1 min readApr 14, 2019

Through the silence of night, they snore and rest
Breathing louder than my inner distress
Every morning there is freshly brewed coffee, but no guests
I know you know this is how it ends

You and I belong to this uncertainty that life recommends
Work, money and sex is all that persists
Only when the world sleeps, we realize there is more to that
I know you know we were born to progress

Then what holds you back my love? Is it the fear of drowning?
Are doubts, opinions and words tilting your crown?
I know you know you’ll still resurrect.
So let that little part of you take control- I know you know



Afifa Zaheer

Writer | Poetess | Financial Consultant. A South-Asian Woman Mastering the Art of Metamorphosis as an Immigrant.