Writer | Poetess | Financial Consultant. A South-Asian Woman Mastering the Art of Metamorphosis as an Immigrant.


  • Muskan Sheikh

    Muskan Sheikh

  • Robella Ahmad

    Robella Ahmad

  • Daniel Bache

    Daniel Bache

  • Roselene Silver

    Roselene Silver

    Writer and lover of many genres of fiction (mostly romance, YAOI, erotica and mystery), article poster, poetess, feminist and a passionate artist.

  • Rimishah Fatima Haider

    Rimishah Fatima Haider

  • Tracey Spicer

    Tracey Spicer

    Located in Sydney, Australia, Tracey Spicer is a broadcaster, author & advocate with decades of experience in journalism. Learn more @ http://tracey-spicer.net.

  • Simon Gacheru

    Simon Gacheru

    Film Director/Photographer/Medium Writer/Travel lover. To connect with me, kindly subscribe to my email list.

  • Rameez Hassan

    Rameez Hassan

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